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Our main services

"Family firms are crucially important for Europe. They make a significant contribution to Europe's GNP and employment, and tend to be great innovators, with a longer-term vision. They also tend to be firmly rooted in their regional and national culture, displaying the sort of European values that we all share."


Family businesses are a fundamental component of the european economy, accounting for approximately 75% of all businesses in Europe.  Nonetheless, family businesses especially small to medium sized, usually do not receive the necessary attention and support both from the public and the private sector. 

At EXES we understand the challenges family businesses face and the effort required in running a family business.  In response to these challenges, we have developed tailor-made services for small and medium sized family businesses.  Our aim is to assist family business owners and family members to achieve their business goals and ambitions thus increasing their family wealth.

Our main services are

  2. GROW



Our Financial services for family businesses are:
i.Raising Finance
ii.Loan Restructuring
iii.Cash Flow Forecasting
iv.Budgeting Analysis
v.Performance Reviews
An important ingredient for any family business to endure -especially through economic crises- is good financial management. By the term good financial management we mean the careful examination and accurate analysis of the company’s financial position as well as implementation of specific actions required to improve the company’s financial position.


  • Implementing good financial practices will provide reliable financial information and result in informed management decisions
  • Good financial management will ensure the business’ viability and future development 
  • Good financial management can result in continued growth and increased profitability

At EXES we assist family businesses to:

  • Raise new finance in order to take advantage of opportunities in the market place and grow
  • Restructure existing loans to minimize instalments or re-size them to fit the company’s ability to pay loan instalments
  • Forecast and manage their cash flow needs especially when cash flow is tight, the business is seasonal or cyclical in nature or when a business uses extensively post-dated cheques
  • Prepare budgets and set specific targets.  Simply put, companies that do not have specific targets rarely achieve their goals
  • Review their company’s performance in order to identify improvements, take corrective action in time and take advantage of opportunities

Results:A newly set up company raised adequate finance for profitable growth



Our Grow services for family businesses are:
i.Growth Strategy - Development & Implementation
ii.Sales Outsourcing
iii.Marketing Outsourcing
iv.Sales & Marketing Outsourcing
v.Customer Relationship Management
vi.Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Each and every family business is unique and it has its own strengths and weaknesses.  Therefore its path to growth should be tailor-made.  The most distinctive characteristic that differentiates the ability of a family business to survive and grow, is its leadership and the cohesion of the family members involved in the business.


  • Identify and win more customers
  • Increase sales and profitability
  • Become more competitive and gain market share 
  • Create a strong and customer centric organisation

At EXES, we have designed a service line for family businesses that includes the best practices required to grow a family business.  In more detail, at EXES we assist family businesses to:

  • Develop and implement their growth plan based on the unique characteristics of the business and the family managing it
  • Increase their sales through outsourcing a part of the sales process including the identification and assessment of prospect customers 
  • Increase their sales through outsourcing part of their marketing process including setting up customer databases, sending out newsletters and utilising social media 
  • Improve the effectiveness of their sales process through the selection, set up and maintenance of Customer Relationship Management software that would allow the company to control the sales process and grow its clientele
  • Improve customer retention through the measurement of customer satisfaction

Results:A family retail company grew from two to seven branches



Our Perform services for family businesses are:
i.Independent Business Review
ii.Business Turnaround
iii.Organizational Chart
iv.Business Processes
v.Staff Performance Reviews
vi.Staff Workshops

Running a family business is a challenge in itself!  A successful family business requires besides a customer oriented strategy and strong leadership, the commitment of all employees –both family and non-family members – as well as clear organizational structure, functional-operational procedures and performance metrics.


  • Improve company performance through better organization
  • Improve company performance through identifying weaknesses and increasing operational efficiency
  • Increase company turnover
  • Higher staff satisfaction

At EXES we assist family businesses to:

  • Identify their main areas for improvement through Independent Business Reviews and then assist them implement the changes
  • Turn the business around from making losses to generating profits after thorough analysis of the business and implementation of the required changes
  • Design and implement a new organizational chart and job descriptions
  • Re-design new business processes to improve their customer experience and become more efficient
  • Appraise staff providing the right incentives to high performers and lifting the productivity of low performers
  • Monitor staff satisfaction and motivate staff through staff workshops

Results:Re-organisation of a family food importing company

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