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Our main services

Growing a business is never easy! Growth can be achieved in many ways but the path to growth should be tailor-made for each business. We have been assisting companies to grow by working with them to prepare and fully implement customised growth plans. Every business is unique and the formula to growth is never the same.

Our main services are

  1. Growth Strategy Implementation
  2. Revenue Enhancement
  3. New Market Entry: Cyprus - Greece - UK - Egypt
  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation
  5. Sales & Marketing Outsourcing



Organic growth requires strong management, clear strategy and effective implementation. Growth may be achieved in a number of ways by introducing new products, entering new markets, vertical and horizontal integration.  Growth Plan define the ways the company wants to grow its business and examines alternatives.  The main challenge is to identify and implement the right growth strategy.


Our company proposed the preparation of a Growth Strategic Plan setting clear objectives and incorporating an Action Plan.  The main steps for the preparation of the Strategy Plan were as follows: 

  • Analysis of the economy
  • Analysis of the retail market
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Benchmarking against the main competitors
  • Financial Analysis of the Company
  • Sales analysis of the Company
  • Interviews with top management
  • Workshops with key members of staff
  • Scenario analysis for future growth
  • Selection of the basic scenario
  • Setting clear objectives
  • Preparation of financial projections
  • Analysis of projections and objectives at departmental level
  • Preparation of Action Plan at Company and departmental level
  • Monitoring the implementation of the Strategic Plan
Following the finalisation of the Strategic Plan, it was presented to the Global Headquarters.  The Strategic Plan was approved and the Headquarters provided financial assistance for its implementation.

Results:Preparation & Implementation of a Growth Strategy Plan for an international Retail Company



Revenue enhancement services focus on the sales and marketing performance and activities of the company.  It requires a thorough analysis of sales and profitability by activity, channel, product or service line and customer.  It is accompanied by an analysis of the company's sales and marketing organisation.  Following the analysis, growth opportunities are identified and improvements are implemented.  


  • Identification of sales growth opportunities
  • Improvement of the Sales Department's organisation
  • Better return on marketing expenditure
  • Improvement of the company’s profitability

At EXES, our management has assisted companies achieve organic growth, in some cases, of more than 30% within a year.  In other cases, our management assisted companies to reverse negative sales trends into sustainable sales growth.

Results:A leading stationery group increased its turnover through specific sales actions



There are three basic ways to enter a new market: 
  1. Exports/ Local Agent
  2. Set up a local company
  3. Acquire a local company
The first step in entering a new market is a Market Entry Study that will analyse the economy, market, competitors, customers and identify the best market entry option.  The Market Entry Study will also demonstrate whether the market entry is feasible before a major investment takes place. The second step is entering the new market with our assistance.


  • Widen the company's client base
  • Increase sales
  • Explore economies of scale therefore reduce the unit cost of its products
  • Diversify the company's risk to more than one market
  • Build multi-national or even global brands or services
  • Increase the company's value

At EXES, our management has been assisting companies to grow internationally for more than twenty years.  We prepare a business case for entering the new market, identify prospects for our clients and proceed with implementation.

Results:Entry of an leading US D-I-Y chain in the UK market



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about managing the company’s most important partners: its customers.  Selection, set up and management of the CRM software can be challenging tasks especially for companies who did not use CRM in the past.


  • Manage effectively the company's sales leads
  • Manage effectively the company's salesforce
  • Improve business relationship with clients and increase client retention 
  • Improve the rate of sales closures 
  • Maximise sales revenue

At EXES, we assist companies to select and implement the appropriate CRM software.  Furthermore, we assist them manage their sales funnel, monitor sales, take advantage of opportunities and grow.

Results:Set up and implementation of CRM software increases sales conversion rate



Many Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) cannot afford large Sales and Marketing Departments.  However, they understand that emphasis in sales and marketing activities is important in the development and growth of the company.  
In a recent study on SMEs performed by EXES Strategy Consultants, we identified that lack of a Marketing Plan and inefficient sales organisation were among the main reason behind failure to achieve corporate goals.  


  • More customer leads
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Improved sales conversion rates
  • Better customer feedback

At EXES we offer our clients the possibility to outsource part of their sales and marketing activities.  We provide tailor –made solutions to cover all basic marketing needs which include preparing and implementing a Marketing Plan including e-mail marketing, flyers, newsletters, Facebook posts, SMS marketing and monitoring web site analytics.
In addition, we have more than 50 tested sales tools and methodologies for companies to grow.  For our clients we select the most suitable tools and we implement them, taking part in the sales process from identifying leads to closing the sale.

Results:Outsourcing Sales & Marketing activities resulted in sales growth

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