Finance is the fuel required by businesses.

Our main services

We assist companies to raise finance from financial institutions, investors and the local government.  We also offer advice on selected private company investments and selected property investments. 

Our main services are

  1. Raising Finance
  2. Loan Restructuring
  3. Mergers and Acquisitions
  4. EU / Government Grants
  5. Company Formation in Cyprus, Greece, UK, Dubai and Egypt
  6. Investments in Private Companies
  7. Investments in Real Estate



The new regulations by the European Central Bank (ECB) provide specific information that is necessary for any bank to provide loans to businesses. The amount of information that is required has increased considerably and the focus has shifted from guarantees to repayment ability.


  • Raising finance allows companies to invest and grow their business (e.g. develop new products, expand their production capacity)
  • Raising finance helps companies to enter new markets
  • Raising finance may also support companies’ operational needs on a daily basis

At EXES we have worked with numerous banks not only locally but also internationally to raise new finance for companies.  Our partners have assisted companies to raise finance for more than 25 years and amount of finance raised exceeds 500 million in three countries.

Results:Raised finance for a company to set up a second production line



Loan restructuring is a process used in order to allow businesses with outstanding debt obligations to alter the terms of the debt agreements. Thus companies may avoid default on existing debt or take advantage of a lower interest rate. Companies can also restructure their debt by extending payment period and/or other payment terms.


  • Restructuring a company’s debt allows to save and protect valuable assets
  • Loan restructuring provides valuable time for a company’s recovery
  • Loan restructuring allows companies to agree an affordable plan of payments without stretching their cash flow

At EXES we have extensive, on hands & successful experience in loan restructuring in many industry sectors, in Cyprus, Greece and the UK.   Our partners can assist you in preparing a recovery plan, negotiate with your financial institution and help you in successfully implementing it.  

Results:Loan Restructuring for a leading cleaning products and services company



The decision to embark upon an M&A transaction requires careful planning and consideration. Business buyers should assess the strategic fit of a business and identify synergies before acquiring a company.  Business sellers should prepare their business for sale and understand the value of their business using internationally accepted valuation methods. 


  • The process of M&A adds value to the combined new entity that it could not be created by each individual company.
  • M&A offers a great opportunity to enter a new market that could not be reached otherwise.

At EXES we have been successfully involved in more than 40 Mergers & Acquisitions projects both locally and internationally.

Results:Acquisition of a specialist Tour Operator



During the last decade grants have been widely used to finance almost any type of financial activity.  Nowadays this source of finance has become more elaborated and time consuming as the demand for grants has increased and the procedures to follow have become more complicated.


  • Grants, if wisely used, may increase productivity thus contributing to the economy’s overall improvement.
  • Grants allow the company to increase capacity, increase sales and gain market share

At EXES we can assist you in all necessary steps required to successfully apply for EU/Government grants, providing that you meet the criteria.

Results:EU/Government Grant for a seaside hotel



Setting up a new company abroad requires local knowledge of the legal system and the accounting framework.  Local support can be invaluable and save your company time and money.  A company may be set up for both tax reasons and new market entry.  One of the best ways to compete in a market abroad, is the set up of a local company as it allows you to gain the trust of local prospective customers.


  • Take advantages of local tax laws
  • Explore opportunities in attractive markets
  • Benefit from local knowledge and improve products 

At EXES, we have developed networks of local consulting, accounting and legal firms in Cyprus, Greece, the UK, Dubai and Egypt.  We already have active clientele in these markets and we understand the way the local market operates.  Therefore, we can assist not only with the set up of a local company but also with the market entry strategy into these countries.

Results:Set up of a new Food & Beverage company



An important step before investing should be the preparation of a Feasibility Study to ensure that the investment is viable and it fulfills the company's investment criteria.  A Feasibility Study will provide valuable insights into the risk and the return of the investment in advance. 


  • Identify the risk of the investment
  • Determine the expected Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Examine different scenarios
  • Take advantage of new opportunities

At EXES, our management has been assisting companies to select suitable investments for more than eighteen years in the tourism, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and services industries.  We prepare Feasibility Studies and assist companies to invest effectively and efficiently.

Results:Set up of an Investment Company



Investments in real estate are generally considered to be investments of moderate risk.  However, the recent global economic crisis reminded investors that no investment is safe from economic downturns.  Careful selection of property investments can minimise risk and provide attractive rental income.


  • Opportunities are available, as property prices have not yet recovered from the recent economic downturn
  • Possibility to generate both rental income and capital gains from the appreciation of the properties
  • Banking finance for real estate investments is now widely available 
  • Residence by investment schemes available in Cyprus for non-EU residents
At EXES, we have partnered with leading property developers and real estate agents in Cyprus and Greece, to identify unique investment opportunities that fulfill our clients’ investment criteria. 

Results:Investment in two Hotel Properties

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